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It’s amazing how many things kids are carrying around with them these days compared to when I was a child. Lets see now, for young children there’s the array of small toys for starters, and for older kids, well where do I begin? Lip Balm, Nintendo, their allowance, cell phone, ipods, scrunches, tissues, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, not to mention the odd broken pencil or two, the list just goes on and on. That’s why fanny packs for kids is such a good idea.


If your kids are anything like mine, they are constantly loosing things or leaving them behind or simply just forgetting to pick their things up, doubly so when they were little. But even older kids still seem to have the same problem to some extent, and their belongings are inevitably much more expensive.


Having a cool fanny pack to put all of their things in is great for teaching them organization skills as well as learning how to take responsibility for their own possessions.  If you’re going out for the day, or just a short trip to the local shops, your children can have everything ready for their journey in advance and all in one place, and in my opinion, the best part of all is that you won’t hear them constantly asking you “mom, can you carry my dinosaur?” or whatever, and then two seconds later “mom, can I have my dinosaur?” and of course this also frees up valuable space in your own bag.


I still remember one particular occasion when I was a child. One day I was so excited, why you ask? Well, I was given a dress that had a big pocket in the front; I just loved to carry my toys and all sorts of things around with me in that pocket. I would have been in heaven if fanny packs were around then. Teddy and I could have used it every day and saved my mother a lot of heartache. She had to pry that dress off of me for laundering, and I put it on again as soon as it was dry.

But luckily today there’s a solution. With a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and materials, there's bound to be a fanny pack that your child will like; or buy a plain color fanny pack and make a craft project out of it by having your kids customize it with buttons, key chains or what ever you have to hand. 

Fanny packs that are made espeially for kids have a smaller waistband, adjustable of course, with a secure clip fastener so it won’t accidentally fall off.  Not only that, but you can buy waist packs that are themed with images of their favorite cartoon character, rock star or actor emblazoned across the front. There are even varieties that are plush and padded and are just like toys in themselves. Fanny Packs for Kids are reasonably priced usually starting at about $6.

Here is a list of just a fraction of Fanny Packs for Kids that are available:-


Children's Fanny Pack and Waist Pack by Everest from approximately $4.95 - $9.95


Disney Tinker Bell Belt Bag from approximately $19.50


(Happy Cat) (Smile Puppy) (Like Rabbit) Embroidered Applique Kids Fanny Waist Pack/Travel Lumbar Pack by Blanchi Bedding from approximately $12.99 - $19.99


Courage Hands-Off Collection Hip Purse by HipPurse from approximately $12.00 - $20.00


JanSport Adventure Series Fifth Ave Waist Pack by JanSport from approximately $11.99 - $31.45


Opair Child Leash Harness with Fanny Pack with Dinosaur/Tiger/Rabbit by Opair from approximately $12.98 - $13.99


Roxy Kids Girls 7-16 To Believe Fanny Pack by Roxy from approximately $15.58 - $22.00